Friday, November 4, 2011

i staggered home from work....and healin' the sick and raisin' the dead is HARD work. anyways, i get home, make sure the Daddy and the housecat are fed and water the plants then head to bed and crash. i woke up this morning and walk outside to get something i'd left in the car and was greeted by the sight of my car with it's ass-end lying on the ground. to quote Sister Page, "a bitch sometimes jus' has to go berzerk!" i even kicked the cat's ass.

my Dad is NOT supposed to drive, he took the keys and went for a spin, ran off the road and knocked the rear bumper off then drug it back home. my brother and his girlfriend are now and forever irrevocably , i don't care what Jesus says, on the shit-list....these two irresponsible idiots are now occupying the positions held by Hitler, Goering, Himmler, Mengele, and Tom-Mutha-Fuckin' Cruise. what about the instruction, "Watch Daddy while I sleep!" is so damn difficult?

thank baby jeebus, the holy family, and the donkey they rode to egypt on i'm graced with tons of white-trash ingenuity and am a wizard with a dremel and a hot-glue gun. actually, the rear bumper is now more firmly attached than factory standard. there's a slight ding mark.

still, this kind of shit is not good for my blood pressure.