Tuesday, November 8, 2011

finished this, yesterday. beautiful language and actually a pretty good bildungsroman but nothing definitely resolved.....more realistic i guess. main complaint is the gay love affair threaded throughout. it feels a little gratuitous just as the fact that the preternaturally self-possessed lover is a mulatto. the point seemed....stretched, almost a desperate whiff of 'exoticism.' all in all, not a bad way to kill a few hours. i think the book is up for an award. the author is kind of cute....not that i used that as a criterion for selecting the book to read.
a hint o' the chest fuzz, intriguing.

and now, for a pretty canadian boy being naughty. (definitely NSFW)

now for something a bit more serious.....2005 YU55 will whiz between the earth and the moon at 6:28 PM EST, today. it'll pass about 85% the  distance between the earth and the moon. i've told the fundamentalist ultra-conservative apocalyptic christian next door that this is the apocalypse. i couldn't help it, he and his family were so disappointed when October 21 came and went without so much as a hiccup.